Marie Palluotto - Red Door Pottery
Marie Paluotto Red Door Pottery Pottery for use and hope! You gotta have ART and SOUL! As the pandemic began, I could get myself to make just one thing each day in order to keep in the moment. It started with little clay elephants and then little clay castles both of which were detailed little metaphors of my mental goings on. The little castles brought me back to my childhood fairy tales and magical places. The little elephants on jars were magically escaping the corona virus. I’ve been making pottery and teaching art a long time and am a self taught potter and still learning. Retired from art teaching, I now work 3 days a week as a “teacher assistant” to English language learners in a public school district here in Maine. Being with children is where creativity lives and I need them in my life. The children I work with gift me and bless me.

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